G1 Prowl & 1960s Batmobile

My pictures of Jessica Nigri during Fan Expo 2014.

Voice actors I’ve met at Fan Expo 2014.

Brian Froud

Jacqueline Pillon, Darren Frost, Megan Fahlenbock

Jason Deline, Carter Hayden, Christian Potenza

Kristen Fairlie, Bryn McAuley, Katie Bergin

The MLP FIM voice actresses I met at Fan Expo 2014.

Dangerousladies & friends.

My pictures of Nadya Sonika during Fan Expo 2014.

My pics of Yaya Han during Fan Expo 2014.

My pics of Ivy Doomkitty during Fan Expo 2014

My pics of Vera Baby during Fan Expo 2014

Gone to Fan Expo Canada 2014

Will be back on Sunday.

From the Season 5 episode “The Last Temptation of Homer”

Autobot Bombast from Transformers Universe.

Ripped alternate modes of enemy drones from Transformers The Game.

Swindle Drone (Car)

Dropkick Drone (Truck)

Dreadwing Drone (MiG-29)

Longarm Drone (Tow Truck)

Ripped alternate modes of Classic Camaro Bumblebee, G1-Deco Jazz, & Barricade from Transformers The Game.

Alternate skins for Dusty & Ripslinger